Stellar- Ryde


Discover new heights of sophistication at Stellar Apartments, a spectacular new residential development in the heart of Ryde. Stellar offers a vibrant and well-connected lifestyle just 14km from Sydney CBD and is conveniently located close to shops, schools and transport links.

Designed by multi award winning architects SJB, this iconic development features modern interiors and stunning views of Parramatta River and Sydney CBD from the landscaped rooftop, Stellar represents a shining beacon of contemporary living. 


The project started in 2018 with a total investment of A$80 million. It consists of two buildings wi-th 9 floors and 5 floors, a total of 96 apartments and two commercial properties. 

The project is located at the intersection of the two main roads, Devlin Street and Victoria Road, with convenient transportation. After completion, Stellar will become another landmark in Ryde. 

Stellar Apartment is a rare medium-density high-end residence in Ryde area in recent years. SJB participated in the design work. The Alliance Project Group served as its contractor. The house takes into account the natural ventilation while maximizing the lighting and thermal efficiency. 

The facade landscape design, the material selection, style and color matching, create the ultimate experience of simplicity and luxury. The low-rise building uses orange, which gradually turns to light yellow as the height increases, and finally ends in white, perfectly blending with the unique blue sky of Australia.

 In each house, there are bronze floor-to-ceiling windows and dark gray colors that perfectly blend, bringing a unique artistic design style. 

The square and transparent layout is one of its most eye-catching features. After all, this epidemic has made people realize how ventilated houses can affect health. 

The modern kitchen is designed with high efficiency and easy care, and provides enough storage space and activity range for each resident. 

The layout of the bathroom is elegant and modern, with classic white as the basic tone, allowing residents to wash away the fatigue of the day in a relaxed and lively atmosphere after a busy 



Project distance: · Top Ryde Shopping Center walk 400 meters · City drive about 20 minutes · Macquarie University 10 minutes drive · Eastwood Shopping Center 10 minutes by car · Rhodes Ikea 6 minutes by car train.

 · The project is close to Meadowbank and West Ryde railway stations, with an average of 15 minutes by train to all parts of Sydney Bus

 · The project can walk 800 meters to Top Ryde bus station 

· 35 minutes to Townhall More than 12 bus lines fully connect Macquarie Park, Eastwood, Chatswood, Rhodes and other surrounding popular areas.

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