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ASSA INVESTMENT GROUP (a15174095), the Chinese registered company is Shengtong Overseas (Shenzhen) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., established in 2012 in Sydney, Australia. The core value of the company is to use professional services and deep connections to help many outstanding Chinese come here Immigration, investment and life in ASSA, Australia. The company’s main products are Australia’s asset trading, such as apartments, villas, wineries, farms, etc. Our services are not limited to basic transactions such as Shengtong overseas, but also focus on the suitability of the project itself to customers and a reasonable combination of funds , The optimal allocation of equity shares, and assisting customers to integrate their existing contacts into the project, helping customers achieve real cross-border personal investment.

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Australia Sydney: Suite 22/26A Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000

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+61 292792331


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