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Australia could hit its COVID-19 vaccination targets by October, Federal Government projections show

ASSA | 2021-08-13 15:17:02

Australia’s vaccine rollout has changed once again, just as COVID-19 infiltrates the nation’s capital.

The federal government now expects to honour its original promise that anyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccination can get one by October.

The Morrison Government’s commitment was spectacularly dumped when the vaccine rollout went off the rails, but new official projections show almost 70 per cent of Australians could be fully vaccinated by the end of October if the high take up continues.

Documents circulated to senior ministers and seen by 7NEWS now predict that 76 to 77 percent of eligible Australians will have their first dose by the end of October.

The projections show that 66 to 68 per cent of Australians will also have their second dose in the same period of time.

Ministers are now confident of reaching the 70 and 80 percent targets to trigger a significant easing of restrictions by the end of November.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday praised those working to get the country vaccinated in Question Time.

“Australians working together to get the country vaccinated saving lives, saving livelihoods, thank you,” he said.

While the Canberra bubble officially burst on Thursday as it began locking down, vaccination rates around the country are rocketing up.

More than 260,000 vaccinations were delivered on Wednesday - another record.

In the last 10 days, over two million doses have been administered.

And with Pfizer bringing forward its supplies, Moderna’s approval fast-tracked and AstraZeneca in abundance, the vaccine flow is about to become a flood with 42 million doses expected over the next three months.

That includes 3.2 million a week in August, 3.6 million a week in September and 2.9 million a week in October.

Despite repeatedly saying it’s not a race, Prime Minister Scott Morrison now believes he’s in the race.

“It’s not how you start the race, Mr Speaker, it’s how you finish the race that counts,” he told Parliament.